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An investment in yourself, cosmetic enhancement at Macquarie Cosmetic Medicine is crafted to enhance your appearance and your quality of life. Our surgeons are among the finest and most respected in Sydney, and offer the highest levels of comprehensive care and service.

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Tailored specifically to your unique needs and desires, our procedures are designed to enhance and refine the most beautiful version of you. From body contouring procedures to facial rejuvenation, we have a treatment suitable to address your aesthetic concerns. You can discuss your aesthetic concerns during an initial consultation with one of our esteemed surgeons who will be able to recommend the best route of treatment for you. We can also combine multiple cosmetic procedures for minimised downtime and a more refined and enhanced look. Find out more about our full range of cosmetic procedures which includes liposuction, laser therapy, dermal fillers, breast augmentation as well as many other specialised procedures.

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Our doctors have years of experience in the rejuvenation and transformation of male and female bodies. The most important thing when considering cosmetic enhancement is finding a surgeon that understands the human form and how to make cosmetic enhancement appear natural. Our elite surgeons are not only caring, but meticulous and skilled in all areas of cosmetic rejuvenation so contact Macquarie Cosmetic Medicine today to ensure your beauty and body is in the best hands. Many of our patients find that some of our procedures can also improve their enjoyment of life. This is the case for procedures such as breast reduction which can improve the agility of your body and even reduce strain on certain parts of your body.

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The decision
for surgery

Plastic surgery is often seen by society as 'vain' and 'self-indulgent',but in many cases this couldn't be further from the truth. A majority of those who undergo surgery are those you see on the street. They are usually everyday people who understand that surgery is a significant investment, and have weighed the pros and cons over an extended period of time. Generally, anyone who seriously considers plastic surgery is not 'vain' as it is not a decision that can be lightly, and often comes after serious emotional consideration. Following your personalised consultation with our experienced doctors they will help to put your mind at ease as they have years of experience in the rejuvenation and transformation of male and female bodies.

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Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Sore Muscles

July 6, 2016 | Macquarie Cosmetic Medicine

Breast augmentation can sometimes lead to sore muscles in the chest area, especially for those who frequently exercise the region. Dr Bright explains how that discomfort occurs and what you can do about it. For physically active women, the notion…

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